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Interview with Scott Simmons, creative director of The ScareHouse - Dieselpunk/Steampunk haunt

The ScareHouse in Pittsburgh, PA

Scott Simmons - Creative Director of The ScareHouse
Dieselpunk/Steampunk haunted house in Pittsburgh, PA

Lights out, everyone.

Halloween is almost here, and the harvest moon is hanging heavily in the skies. It reminds us to board our windows and prepare for the long nights ahead.

But what is creeping out in the darkness? Ghouls, spectres, and other boogeymen? Or is it something worse?

Let your imagination run free, for today we're speaking with Scott Simons, the Creative Director of The ScareHouse in Pittsburgh, PA.

Originally opened in 1999, The ScareHouse has changed considerably over the past decade. Never content, Scott and his staff have continually raised the bar to stay on par with Hollywood's biggest scares. And this year, visitors to The ScareHouse have a chance to take part in RAMPAGE, an interactive haunt inspired by steampunk fashion, Orwellian nightmares, and dieselpunk mad scientists.

Click here to read Dieselpunks' interview with Scott Simmons - Creative Director of The ScareHouse

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